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General site rules

Post by Naraca on Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:02 pm

Registration Rules:

  • Your username should match the name of your character;
  • Follow the Template (if you need help, either join the
    chatbox or PM a Moderator);

  • Wait for approval;
  • After a staff member stamps it with an approve, have
    fun role-playing!

Common Rules:

  • Descriptions of death, gore and blood are allowed in
    this forum;

  • Members who hold important positions (e.g.: Nation
    leader, Plot NPC, Clan Leader) and who are not online for 1 weeks or more
    without warning the staff will have their characters withdrawn from their
    position and removed from the roster.

  • Shady or offensive actions performed by moderators can
    and must be reported to the administrators;

  • There must be no rudeness, insulting or flaming
    directed at the staff members or the community of the site. Action will be
    taken immediately, resulting in a ban of specific duration depending on
    the attacker's actions;

  • Double-posting is forbidden, except when training
    alone/calling a hit.

  • Staff members can not 'check' things with which they
    are personally involved. Example, some Mod can't check his own training or
    the training of his alter account, or maybe the training of his brother.

  • In the event concerning the need for a staff member to
    give a judgement, or ruling on the spot. A post is required by said staff
    to confirm what he/she said was in fact there own words. Chatbox's,
    instant message convo's, basically anything that is not a POST by that
    person will no longer be counted as valid. Staff can be over-ruled by
    staff of a higher level, without warrant or explanation. Some staff have
    shown that even the word of a higher up means little to them, as such, if
    a Mod posts an approval, a Admin can over-ride that approval without
    indicating reasons why. However, this concerns staff ONLY. If a Admin
    over-rules an approval, he/she must explain why in full detail. Staff can
    and will discuss why something was over-ruled PRIVATELY, as to not start a
    public fighting match

General Rules about Registration for a Character

  • Your username should match the name of your character;
  • Follow the Template (if you need help, either join the
    chatbox or PM a Moderator);

  • Wait for approval;
  • After a staff member stamps it with an approve, have
    fun role-playing!

  • Members must regularly post actively.

Role-Playing Rules:

  • The person's character must act exactly like he/she
    described him/her/it when they submitted the profile. For example, if you
    said your char is dark and quiet, you cannot make him run around happily.
    Unless a train has been role-played thoroughly or specific event ie;
    Drunk, poisoned, overjoyed etc

  • You cannot kill another Role-Player's character without
    a justified reason. Random-killing is frowned upon and will not be

  • You cannot describe the actions of other characters
    other than your own, except if they are NPCs created by you for the sole
    purpose of development or you are given permission by the member to do so.

  • Your character cannot perform a hundred actions in a
    single post. Be realistic and write according the situation.

  • You cannot multi-post. This means your character cannot
    be in two places at the same time.

  • Patience is a virtue. Give others time to write and
    post their replies.

  • If you're going to be absent for more than 3 days,
    please inform the community and staff of this site by posting in the
    "Absence" board. Be sure to exit active posts your character is
    located at so that it does not hinder Role-Play in any way.

  • If a person makes a vague post or if it is written in
    such a way that you can hardly understand it, you are allowed to ask that
    person to clarify his post to you. If he refuses, his post will get
    voided. This is not saying that you have to make simple posts but simply
    going onto a thesaurus and finding the most vague/unused word possible in
    order to say you slice his head off will be voided. You RP for your's and
    other's enjoyment to create a story that all parties enjoy reading;

  • In a non-combat topic (A topic in which there is no
    fighting between Player Characters), you are expected to keep a posting
    order. However unlike a combat topic (A topic in which fighting has
    started between Player Characters) where you must keep a posting order at
    all times, you CAN post out of order to leave the topic;

  • AN ABSENCE is needed to leave any thread, be it combat
    or not. However, what has been said has not fallen on deaf ears. We at Avatar
    expect our members to be responsible for there own actions. If you fail a
    course or get poor grades and have to take a LOA (leave of absence), you
    will not be exempt from topic's you are in. You will be given an 3 day
    post extension, but after three days it is up to the topic leader what to
    do with you. On another side note, absence's are fair to everyone, do not
    abuse them. If you've had 3 grandmother's and grandfather's die... your
    absence's will just be ignored. If your caught playing around on facebook,
    skype, Halo, or any other such type while on an absence, your absence will
    be voided. If you have enough time to dick around for 20 minutes, you can
    exit your topic, no excuses or mercy.

  • Private topics can be made only in the country or land
    from which the creator comes from. In other words, if you are from the Fire
    Nation, you can't make a Private Topic in the Earth Nation.

    As for multiple people making a private topics. If one of them belongs to
    the Nation in which they want to make the topic, then yes. If neither of them
    are from that Nation then no. Meaning, if one person is from the Earth
    Kingdom and the other is from the Air Temples, you can't make a topic in
    the Fire Nation.

Posting Rules:

  • Your messages must be at least 5 full sentences long
    (seven words complete a sentence);

  • You can only write in third and first person's side of
    view, without using asterisks (e.g.: *eats an apple* isn't acceptable and
    it will be deleted from the thread);

  • Your post should contain actions, thoughts and speech
    of your character. Try to separate these with obvious formats (e.g.:
    speech can be written in bold, while thoughts can be written in italics);

  • Editing a post can only be done only before anyone else
    posts behind you. After that, you need to get the permission from everyone
    else from that topic;

  • You have 48 hours to reply to an action, after that the
    action is assumed to have succeeded without any interference. Absences
    override this rule to a certain extent;

Fighting Rules:

  • There are no battles without the injuries - you cannot
    dodge attacks forever;

  • Auto-hit is not allowed in this forum. For you to
    describe that your character attacked and hit its target in the same post
    is auto-hitting;

  • A battle needs organization and structure so that it
    doesn't become confusing. When in a group battle, try to find a solid post
    order, generally based on the order of entrance or attacks (e.g.: Takimoto
    attacked, followed by Io and Yakumo. The order would be Takimoto -> Io
    -> Yakumo);

  • Make sure to pay attention to your opponent's post. If
    you are confused about a part of his post, you are able to ask him for
    clarification on its meaning;

Alternate Character Rules:

  • Alternative characters are not publicly allowed. Alt
    slots are given out by staff to members deemed deserving of having another


You are forbidden from role-playing with both characters in order to help each
other. If you are interested in both meeting strictly for development, contact
an administrator and explain why you would like them to meet. If you're
allowed, your topic will be supervised so that it doesn't break the rules.

Suicide Rule:

Suicide is banned

  • All uses who do suicide or done death by cop get 1
    official warning. The max being 3 before being banned.

  • Anyone found helping a suicide, by inactive "lost
    profiles" even throwing fights will receive the same punishment as
    those who suicide.

  • ONCE your alt has been made and its a rank lower, your
    warning is lifted, THUS this warning is not stipulated to the 3 month as
    normal ones. This is a "SPECIAL" warning.

    What this means if you do it

  • You killed yourself, you just lost your alt... that
    means at max your only now allowed 2 alts.

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