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"A title Means nothing if you can't back it up."

    Name: Kiara Tunada
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
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    Personality: Kiara is a bit too sweet. She has a big heart and is willing to give anyone another chance despite what they have done to her. A smile is always on her face despite her title and is a very humble person. Having a bit of a temper though she does not take anyone talking down to her like she is a child or in a disrespectful manner. Kiara also hates to be told what to do, she is a very free spirit and chooses to do what she wants when she wants. When push comes to shove though Kiara will shove hard to make her point taken not to mess with her. She is also a bit stubborn which makes a few people reluctant to even argue with her knowing it's hard to make her back down.

Character's Story
"Don't ever take anyone lightly, you'll look like a fool if you do."


Kiara was born to an firebender and a waterbender, however, due to some horrible circumstances Kiara had been given up to the Southern Tribe's Royal Family. The queen felt for the woman who was unable to care for her infant seeing as her mother was a personal servant for her and close friend. Without an struggle Kiara was taken in as an infant and treated like royalty along with the King and Queen's older son Otaka.

7 years had passed and the prince along with his sister were learning water bending techniques from the old master of the tribe. Inside the palace walls things were always kept hush hush until one day something remarkable happened. Practicing a simple water whip the master decided to show off a bit by riding the stream of water by turning it into ice to make a path. Kiara and Otaka watched in amazement and within a few minutes Kiara had her go at it and did not go as far by managed to master it with ease. The old woman was a bit shocked before rushing a current of water towards Kiara...but when Kiara easily bended the thicket of water of that size for the first time ever with ease the older woman quickly concluded the teachings before rushing inside to speak with the king, queen, and priests.

It would not be until the age of ten when Kiara was watching her older brother getting recognized as a prince coming of age that four priests walked into the crowded room bowing respectfully. The announced Kiara as the Avatar and the little girl suddenly saw everyone including her mother and father bow down before her.

From that point on Kiara was told the truth about who her real parents were and how they seemed to vanish. In order to focus on her solely Otaka and her were seperated from eachother during teachings but the prince took it in stride as both of them grew close to one another.

Seven years had passed and Kiara was now a beautiful teenager, at 17 she was headed to mastery of waterbending with ease. However, she decided that it was time to leave on her own and master all the other elements knowing that there was going to be someone she had to face later on in life to save all who loved the world as is.

Nindo:" Try your hardest at anything that comes your way, regardless of how tough it is"

  • Competition
  • Generous People
  • Looking at the Stars
  • Sight Seeing
  • Children

Dislikes: (What are some of your characters least favourite

  • Rude People
  • Staying in one place for too long
  • Being the center of attention
  • Bossy people
  • Not being able to do what she wants

Class Information
"I know I am the hardest to work with but at least you know I have your back"

Nation:Water Nation
Title:White Wolf

Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do
Bending Stage: Stage 3 (water)

Special Abilities:

    Major:Can easily read people (Above Average Intelligence)
    Description: Kiara is able to easily read people from their body movements and facial expressions. It gives her an edge and clue as to how they are feeling about a certain topic or situation unfolding.
    Major:Massive Stamina
    Description: Is able to go for a very long time in battle or travelling. More like an energized bunny can go on for a while without stopping.
    Major:Exceptional Eluding
    Description: Can easily elude anyone who chases after her, is very gifted at blending in with her surroundings to stay hidden.
    Major: Avatar
    Description: Master of All Elements and is able to go into a spiritual state called the Avatar State, she also has a Polar wolf that is big enough to carry her and one other person.

    Major Weakness: Naive. Kiara believes she can change anyone or anything, this also means that in battle once she believes a opponent is unconscious or dead she turns her back to them and lets her guard down.

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Re: Kiara!!!!

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Re: Kiara!!!!

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You're new custom image looks amazing! She actually looks like a mix between a firebender and waterbender!!

I wuvs her new look
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Re: Kiara!!!!

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