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"Keeping Calm is the biggest throw off you can give to your opponent"

    Name: Xira
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female

    Personality: Xira would be the one that most would say is borderline emotionless. Other than a smirk and mischievious look very few have seen her genuine smile and that sweet side. However, her nice side can be unrivaled once someone gets to see it. When Xira cares for anyone she sacrifices herself to protect them. Xira's calmness about her most of the time tends to throw many off about how she feels about a certain subject. That doesn't mean however that she does not cry..she usually waits until she is alone to let her feelings take over.

Character's Story
"You show no weakness, stay tough and keep going."

Background: Xira's mother is best friend with the Fire Lord, they grew up together andn so this made him Xira's god father. Even at a young age Xira loved to dance, especially fire dance. One night she was dancing for her god father when a man had barged in and began talking in the middle of her performance. In a pit of rage and annoyance her flames began flashing from red to blue, green, white, and orange. The Lord instantly stopped listening to his advisor and looked at his god daughter intrigued at how she was able to do such a thing.

At that time Xira was only eight years old, two more years had passed and Xira was no training as a firebender to become the Lord's right hand at everything that was going on. She also trained with him and no one else, during a day of training it turned tragic. The fire lord was deciding to have someone else train her to see how well she could defend herself. This man however, had a sword that he used. Xira was getting the best of him but the agitated man did not judge the distance of how close Xira was and slashed her backside. Kneeling to the ground the girl began to cry feeling the blood run down her back as is soaked her shirt. Enraged the fire lord banished the man as her mother and him nursed her back to health.

Her father however, seemed to be ashamed of her crying about the wound. He pressed his mentality onto her and slowly the sweet and smiling Xira vanished as five years passed. Don't show any tears or weakness.. even the fire lord noticed a significant change in the way she battled. There wasn't a smile anymore..just a calm blank expression. Trying to see if she was really ready he shot a bolt of lightning towards her and to his amazement she directed it right back at him. It was odd to see a fifteen year old master something such as lightning so quick. However, the little trick and his facial expression made her laugh and smile at her godfather. She was much more closer to him than she was her real father. He knew that her father may not have completely destroyed her inner self after all. Xira was just as humble as her mother but that father of hers wanted a strong son and he was going to teach her how to be strong like him even if he didn't get one.

Another 3 years had seem to quickly pass before the Fire Lord actually let Xira become a part of his army team. She shot up straight through the ladder to the top of commands. Now Xira has been giving a very special job to do..

Nindo: None
Catchphrase: None

  • Dance
  • Sports
  • Relax
  • Children
  • See things Burn


  • Eager People
  • Weak minded People
  • Cold Places
  • Gossipers
  • Disobedience

Class Information
"I'll be the reason you are afraid to light a fire ever again"

Nation: Fire Nation
Title: Yellow Dragon
Element: Fire

Fighting Style: Boxing, kick boxing, Krav Maga
Bending Stage: Stage 3

Special Abilities:

    Major: Acrobat - Xira is very good and moving her body gracefully and quickly, she has the ability to climb, jump, and roll with ease.
    Minor: Temp Change - Xira is able to change the temperature of her flames, the higher the temperature the different colors start showing. White being the hottest.
    Major: Advanced Agitation - Xira has a keen sense of pushing someones buttons to make the blind with rage. She is able to easily get under anyone's skin without having to do much other than talk.
    Major: Eel Hound - Xira acquired this animal through her god father the Fire Lord, its the only thing she is sweet and nice to besides her mother. The eel hound is a large, amphibious lizard that exhibits the ability to swim and run very quickly. It is at least eight feet tall and roughly twenty-five to thirty feet long, with dark green scales (except along its stomach) from its jaw to its tail. The eel hound is green in color with a lighter shade on its underbelly, and a darker shade of green on top of its body. It can carry up to 3 people on its back.
    Major: Bending- pretty much self explanatory...


Major: Soft side - Once Xira makes a connection with a person it is very hard for her to fight against them in a fight. If she has no choice Xira does not go all out, doing enough to leave them unable to fight.
Major: Will not fight with children around - it does not matter if the Avatar or anyone else is around her Xira will not fight as long as there is a child present around her.
Major: Afraid of swords - A bone chilling fear that causes Xira to focus so much on getting rid of the sword that she will loose focus on her true objective. She freezes for a bit but when regaining her courage she does her best to take out the wielder.
Minor: Claustrophobic -enough said. isn't too fond of tight spaces.
Major: Merc with a Mouth - Xira is very loose with her mouth, it gets her into huge issues that some she may not be able to handle. Most the time though it tends to make all her hard work plans backfire since her mouth is something that she has a tough time controlling to her enemies.

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