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Basic Information
"I am Pain...I am God"

    Name:Myindoh AKA Pain
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    Personality: As Pain, his personality is very different and strange, he is a calm,
    serious, aloof, and detached man. Apparently believing traumas he
    experienced in his youth had enlightened him to the true meaning of pain
    and suffering, he considers himself a deity, and believes he has
    evolved beyond a mere human being. He seeks to show the world the
    meaning of pain by using any means necessary, by
    means similar to "mutually assured destruction", and shows no moral
    qualms about his actions. He was willing to kill anyone to ensure the
    completion of his plans. He even goes so far as to proclaim himself a
    "god of peace", that has to guide the world to maturity through pain.
    Finally, he felt that no-one could understand true peace unless they
    understand "true" pain. Nonetheless, he is seen to be quite respectful, particularly to the fallen and the dead.

    He even gives moments of silence to those he kills that have a lot of
    power. Beyond his ideals and ambitions he is an intelligent guy who
    ponders about life it self and is naturally a heavy thinker.

Character's Story
"Love breeds sacrifice...Which breeds hatred...Then you can know pain"

A long time has past since Myindoh's birth, a very, very long
time. Myindoh was born around the same time as the very first Avatar. He
was in fact, friends with the very first Avatar. The first Avatar went
by the name Tenzu and was an Air Bender, and he was best friends with
Myindoh. Myindoh and Tenzu grew up together, they were the best of
friends, always playing together and having fun. However, all that
changed once Tenzu was banished from the Air temple due to something
that Myindoh did.
He accidentally killed one of the Air benders in
the Air temple. He and an Air Bender were sparring, Myindohs Fire
Bending, against the Air Benders..Well...You get the idea. They both
fought together when Myindoh suddenly used a fire bending move that was
too powerful for the Air bender. The result was the death of the Air

Fearing that his friend would be executed, Tenzu decided
to take the blame and he confessed to the murder of the Air Bender. At
least this way Tenzu would just get banished, where as Myindoh would
have been killed. Once Tenzu was banished, Myindoh followed him so that
he could try and make it up up to Tenzu for what he did.
However, this was not to be.
time passed, Tenzu began to hate Myindoh. At this point, Tenzu was
banished for good and could never see his family again, and it was all
because of Myindoh. No matter of apology's from Myindoh quelled Tenzu's
Eventually, Tenzu began to do terrible things to others, as a
way to vent out his anger. Myindoh would try and stop him but it was no
good. Tenzu became a hateful Avatar and took his anger upon the world.
This lead to the inevitable battle that took place between Myindoh and Tenzu.

fight was bloody and brutal, but in the end, Myindoh was able to kill
the Avatar Tenzu. An interesting thing happened when Myindoh did that.
Right after he killed Tenzu, he was approached by a mighty Dragon. At
this time, Dragons were everywhere.
The Dragon was evil, and
corrupted Myindohs mind by saying that the Avatar was no savior, but
just another human with too much power. The Dragon began to tell Myindoh
how it could teach him in the ways of Fire Bending. The true ways of
The Dragon was also able to enter the spirit world, and
it took Myindoh along with him. In the spirit world, the Dragon taught
Myindoh fire bending in a far different manner of teaching. He taught
Myindoh by linking his mind with Myindohs. The Dragon then entered
Myindoh's mind and began to teach him in the purest form of fire

Years upon years upon years went by and Myindoh was
taught of how the Avatar was a menace to the world, and that the Avatar
was just there to rule the world. Myindoh began to believe this and
began to hate the Avatar.
As he was taught by the Dragon in the ways
of fire bending, Myindoh started to call himself Pain. His firebending
was so powerful at this point, that it was almost even stronger then the
fire lord during Sozins Comet. Myindoh...Or rather Pain's...Power was
frightening, even to the Dragon.

After thousands of years of
training, Pain wanted to go back to the real world, and bestow upon the
world his "Solution" for ending the worlds problems. He came to decide
that he would bring Pain to all in the world, and in the process, force
the world to grow up and mature. The result would then be peace.
And the Avatar, would have to die, permanently.
the Dragon brought Pain to the real world, he then told the Dragon that
he had no more use for the Dragon. And Pain killed it, just like that.

Pain now roams the world, searching for the Avatar so that he may kill the Avatar, once and for all.

"To bring Peace to the world by bestowing Pain upon all
existence. Pain will then force the world to grow up and mature, so that
there can be eternal peace. The Avatar must also die as the ultimate
example. With the Avatar's death, the world will become obedient, and
have no choice but to grow up. The maturity would then bring peace to
the world.
Catchphrase: (What's your most used phrase? Optional of
Likes: (What are some of your characters favorite things?

  • Bestowing Pain
  • Teaching others
  • Furthering his ideals
  • Those that never give up
  • People whom he deems worthy

Dislikes: (What are some of your characters least favourite

  • The Avatar
  • People who are stubborn
  • Those that defy him
  • Cocky people
  • People that fight without reason

Class Information
"If you don't share someone's pain, you can never understand them. But
just because you understand them doesn't mean you can come to an
agreement. That's the truth

Nation: Fire Nation
Title: Pain
Element: Fire

Fighting Style: Very old Martial arts long forgotten in history
Bending Stage: Stage 6: Legend

Special Abilities:

    Major: Spiritual Connection: After spending thousands of years within the Spirit world, Pain has become in tuned with the spirit world and it's creations. He has a sixth sense, and can sense whenever someone who has the essence of the spirit world with them. The allows him to keep a constant awareness of The Avatar's location, as well as anyone, or anything else that might be gifted with The Spirits in some way. With this connection he can also communicate with spirits from where ever he is, this lets him be able to speak with cooperative spirits which can tell him things he needs to know, giving him an ultimate awareness. Finally, he can also willingly enter and exit the spirit world from wherever he is, being able to open portals to that world, and portals that lead back to the real world.

    Major: Unnatural quickness and reflexes: Due to his training in the spirit world, Pain as gained an almost otherworldly level of speed, he moves as though gravity itself only affected him by half of what it does for everyone else. His reflexes are quicker, and he reacts faster then a normal human being, his reaction time being faster then even the most experienced martial artist.

    Minor: Manipulation of heatwaves: By emitting strong heatwaves from his body, Pain can fly in anyway way he chooses. This also works as an assistant to his speed and movments.


    Major: Spiritual Pressure: Pain prolonged time in the Spiritual world has made him very...Heavy with an aura of a spiritual presence. Basically marking him with a way point. By people with no spiritual power or intervention, Pain's presence can be felt by anyone, it comes with a feeling of anxiety, and a slight ringing in the ears. Yet neither of these hurt. To people that have some sort of spiritual intervention, he constantly has a very bold black aura that surrounds his body, and his eye's will glow purple. This make's him very easy to spot, and easy to get away from before he arrives as he can be felt from over the radius of half a mile.

    Major: Reckless or bravery?: Pain's ideals will often the get the better of him, causing to not care who he fights, no matter the setting, the number of people or the strength they all may have. He will never give up, causing him to go to the death in a fight regardless of how strong someone might be, or how many people there are. He wouldn't hesitate to go up against armies if they were in the way of his ideal.

    Minor: Being God has it's...Problems: Believing himself to be God, Pain is not the most social type, making it hard for him to get along with others with words in a normal setting. He does have charisma, but due to the extreme of his ideals there is no easy way for normal people to get to know him. Making those who would follow him very few in number.

    RP Sample:
    The flames of Pain and suffering burst forth from the core of a frail,
    and weak home made of frozen water. Vocalizations of the burned and the
    dieing flooded the crimson sky's in there embrace of the final screams
    that spewed out from the weak. The claws of carnage brought all to there
    knee's as they cried for mercy to the vanguard of there destruction.
    black bodies, devoid of all life, and the within the puny village made
    of snow, there stood but one. The clouds dropped tears of black snow as
    many attempted to will there loved one's back to life. However there was
    no pathetic feelings of relief or joy on this day of the red Sun.
    flames licked the sky and surrounded a village of water tribe humans
    that denied themselves true peace. The only peace they granted
    themselves was the denial of Pain, the pain that brought suffering,
    which would lead to numbness, followed by understanding, and then true
    peace. It was the Pain that would force the infantile world that was
    swarmed by an infection of humans to grow up from chaff and into wheat.
    Those that denied Pain would succumb to it, and those that accepted it
    would find true peace.

    Fire devoured the breath that gave them a
    beating heart, and it dried up the waters that gifted them with life,
    the houses that shielded them as they attempted to hide themselves from
    Pain were only cleansed through fire. It was the flame that helped those
    around Pain to sweat out there fear and accept judgement from the
    harbinger of there destruction.
    Those of the Water Tribes tried to
    combat Pain, there actions were meaningless under the will of God. The
    water they commanded was overruled by the superior judge of discord. The
    ones that came at Pain with spears only found themselves with sticks,
    as the fire of Pain melted the tips of there neanderthal-like weapons.
    With nothing but wood in there hands they fell to there knees in an
    attempt to accept God, however they were answered by falling to there
    backs with there souls ripped from there bodies. The judgement of God
    saw these worthless humans unfit for the location of paradise.

    now let his feet carry his body through the wreckage that would birth a
    new village, one that may understand at least a glimpse of true Pain.
    The lavender colored eyes of Pain observed the burning village with a
    soulless expression of satisfaction. It was not the pleasure of bringing
    a burning justice that gave Pain his justification for the village
    being torn asunder. It was the knowledge of the greater good that drove
    Pain forward, this was all in the name of peace. The fire would burn
    away the fat, and grease of this world and give birth to a strong world
    that accepted true Pain, and therefore peace.

    It was Hatred that
    would be stabbed, Wrath that would be beaten, Greed that would be
    impaled, Lust that would be strangled, Gluttony that would be shot,
    Pride that would be tortured, and Evil itself that would be baptized
    through undeniable Pain.
    Resistance was futile, like an ant fighting
    the sun with nothing but inferior will that drove them. The world of the
    spirits taught Pain the meaning of peace, and showed him the one that
    would attempt to fight back using all elements to push away the coming
    days of Pain. Inferior hands lifted to eliminate the utter embrace of
    suffering would be shattered.

    When face to face with Pain, the
    one that controlled all elements would have her body broken, her mind
    shattered, and her heart succumbed to God.
    Pain was God, and to deny
    the deity of true peace was to deny the world of it's rebirth. Pain
    would bring an end to the one that fought back, and bathe the world in
    molten lava so that it may become a land that houses the happiness that
    Pain gave it.

    The approaching of Pain was near, soon the Avatar
    would meet God, and find herself in a crossroads of either denying true
    peace and being burned away, or accepting it, and becoming a part of the
    baptizing of the world.

Myindoh's appearance v
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Re: Myindoh

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Terra gave me the okay to take over reviewing the app.

Ignore everything that was said, we deliberated and it all checks out. Besides..this spiritual connection gave me a good idea.

Terra and I approve. (I have magic ways of making even her approve of your app)

So you're good. ; )
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