War Bound

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War Bound

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 12, 2013 8:33 pm

"Is that all you can do? Get up!"

Two soldiers were laying on the ground trying to catch their breaths while Xira was standing a few feet from them.

"Xira...I'm exhausted.."

"So am I...you just keep getting stronger.."

"Tch....fine. Take a break then."

Xira walked over to the bucket of cold water that had a few towels inside it. She grabbed one and rung it out tight before dabbing her face, neck, and stomach. After lowering her shirt she dipped her face in the water to cool down. It didn't take long for her to pull her head out of the water and ring her hair out. Looking towards the door she noticed a guard standing there waiting for her.

"What's going on?"

"The Fire Lord has requested to see you at once."

Xira nodded before slipping on her shoes and pulling on a formal dress over her sparring clothes. It did not take long for her to actually reach the fire lords room.

"Ah my favorite and trusted General. Have a seat before me."

Xira nodded and sat in front of his throne as the flames warmed her face.


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Re: War Bound

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 12, 2013 8:51 pm

"I need you're advice as the top general of my army." He started looking down at his God Daughter with proud eyes. It was hard to believe she was grown up.

"It has come to my attention that the Southern Water Tribe has been attacked. By what I have no idea. Every one only knows that it was destroyed by fire. Men, women, the Queen and King, even some Children were attacked and killed. Few of them survived. But the devastation has everyone pointing the fingers as us...should we defend our honor?"

Xira tensed up when hearing Children, Pain had promised!!! He said he would not harm any kids here he had gone killing innocent children!! She took a deep breath and look down to the floor before her honey colored eyes stared at her God Father.

"As you general I suggest you prepare the army. Due to the evidence that you are just now receiving word when I believe the rumors of our country are already spreading faster than we are able to intercept them we have no choice."

Xira stood taking a few steps closer as the fire dimmed a bit by the fire lords power.

"They have not forgotten those 100 years we made the world suffer and wiped out a race. They are not going to believe it was even if we said we had nothing to do with it. Lord, I am telling you that out of rage and withheld bitterness in their hearts and souls the rest of the world will wage war on us....so we have to go to war with them before they get us. For our peoples sake.."

Her breath was slow waiting for him to answer her with as he thought about what he was going to do...in the end Xira was right. A brilliant mind, despite them fighting back telling the world they had no part blaming his country was the only logical explanation..a thing people did out of fear or sorrow to justify a tragedy. This indeed was a tragedy.

What was he going to do...


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Re: War Bound

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:06 am

Xira waited patiently before the Fire Lord stood, walking down the stairs of his throne and grabbing hold of Xira's shoulder.

"You...you are right. I do not want to go to war but it seems as if we have no choice." He embraced her knowing she'd be in the war while he'd be sitting on his throne waiting to hear from her. This was his only god daughter..his only child. While in the embrace his mind thought about how when she was little her laughter filled the palace. How he was scolding her and Kano about breaking things and scaring the maids.

Where had all those years gone? If anything happened to her he'd weep not only because he was sad..because he knew she was an extraordinary girl. Letting go of the embrace he stood back and smiled. "Promise me you'll be careful, you have a good heart. Don't let anyone or anything convince you of something you know it wrong."

As he went to sit back down on his thrown he smile a bit.

"Go prepare the army. I will await the Avatar and whoever is accompanying her...The Avatar never travels alone..."

Xira took note of that before leaving the room and heading outside towards the room where most of the men were relaxing and joking around. When Xira entered however they all stood quiet and in neat lines.

"Men, prepare yourselves...we are going to war."

This was it...the plan was beginning...


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Re: War Bound

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