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The Sorrow

Post by The Sorrow on Thu Jan 17, 2013 7:31 pm

Basic Information
"Sad...So sad..."

    Name:The Sorrow
    Appearance:Profile pic does a good job.
    Personality: The Sorrow feels much sadness for the death brought about by warfare. Yet oddly he also has a smile on his face and is never seen without a frown. His personality is odd and intangible. The theme for it is just sadness, however he may act angry, happy, goofy, serious or intense. The way he acts and moves is far different from that of any human. He is known to often tell others of things in there lives that may yet come or has already happened. He could give you new information or tell you something that you did in your past for completely unknown reasons. Everything he says does hold meaning in one form or another, he will never say anything, or do anything unless it has a purpose.
    That purpose can take time to fully understand however. He can help you, or become your enemy. He could tell you that a year from now you will be killed by a man with a knife, however he could tell that same man where to find the knife he would use. Why he does these things is entirely unknown to anyone. The Sorrow is an enigma and doesn't seem to talk about himself ever.

    Character's Story
    "This world is one of sadness. Battle brings death. Death brings sorrow.
    The living may not hear them. Their voices may fall upon deaf ears. But...Make no mistake - the dead... are not silent.

    [center]Background: The history of The Sorrow is completely unknown. All that we know is that he is a spirit that goes into people's dreams for whatever reason he chooses. People have reported seeing him in there dreams as early as the time of Energy Benders. Anytime he has ever entered someone's dream they have always remembered it, and have found the meaning in his arrival eventually from one way to another. The Sorrow however is largely unknown and all that can be explained is that he is from the Spirit world and is a man, or at least he takes the form of a man. The dreams can be very intense, and sometimes have very heavy messages to them that have significant impact in one's future. The reasoning behind this however is enitrely unknown. Wethaer he is dangerous or not is something we haven't yet discovered.
    Nindo: Unknown
    Catchphrase: N/A
    Likes: Unknown

    Dislikes: Unknown

Class Information
"Death is tragic...But life is miserable...You will be killed by your sons"

Nation: N/A
Title: N/A
Element: N/A

Fighting Style: N/A
Bending Stage: N/A

Special Abilities:

    Major: Dream Ghost: The Sorrow is a spirit and is not a human being. He exists only in the spirit world and his connection to the real world is through peoples dreams. At any point in time whether or not someone is sleeping he can enter there dream and take it over completely. Within the dream he has complete control over your dream world and everything in it. The only one he does not control is the one that is dreaming. When a person is awake The Sorrow can appear as a spectre in the real world but only be seen by the person he chooses to be seen by. Almost like he becomes a hallucination in your mind. He has knowledge of the future, and of past, that includes everyone's past. However he will never help anyone directly in the sense that like if he were to tell you that an ambush was coming he wouldn't say how to avoid it, he would say simply that it was coming and nothing more. The help he gives is all usually non-essential.


    Major: Ghost: The Sorrow does not physically exist. Being just a spirit he cannot have any impact on the physical world in any way, shape or form. The most he can do is be seen by only a single person of his choosing as they are awake.

    RP Sample: It's Naraca here, I think ya'll have an idea how I post so I don't think I need to fill this in.
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Re: The Sorrow

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