Everything about Bending

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Everything about Bending

Post by Naraca on Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:27 pm

The Elements:

The Five Senses

As you may have noticed, in this Avatar RP, there is more then just the four elements. Here there is a much larger variety to choose from. Below will be explained the elements abilities.


Fire gives a Bender the ability to create fire from there hands, feet and mouth or manipulate existing fire around them. Fire is a very offensive element to use, making use of fireballs as projectiles or long streams or fire for a continuous assault. If strong enough it can burn through defenses, destroy everything in its path and burn anything that stands in its way, making fire benders deadly in forward attacks and frontal assaults.


Water gives a bender the ability to manipulate all kinds of water from many different sources. The water can be formed into any shape with enough mastery, used as an offensive weapons, a defensive shield, or even as a multipurpose healing tool. Water can do a little bit of everything, it's versatile and can be used in just about any situation, even turned into ice. This makes is usable in any situation and can never let you down.


Earth gives a bender the ability to manipulate the very ground he/she stands on. Not having to create there own weapons, or find them, but it's simply always there for them to use. Earth Bender's have great offensive and defensive capabilities. Their defensive capabilities with earth is where they excel, able to spring any kind of wall to stop almost any kind of attack. With the earth being their tool, this gives Earth benders an environmental advantage, and almost always a defensive advantage.


Air, gives a bender the ability to create, and manipulate wind and the air around them. Air can be used to make one very illusive and quick, giving Air benders an advantage in speed and control of the fight. If any way, shape or form air can be used to send an opponent flying away with a powerful gust of wind, or pull them towards them. This is not to mention the manipulation of their own movement with air, allowing them to move themselves at high speeds when their feet cannot. Air bending provides a great advantage in the control of movements and actions of ones self, and their opponent, making it easy for an Air bender to defeat even the strongest of opponents with positioning and creating opportunity.


Darkness, gives a bender the ability use their own shadow as a weapon, and everything that is dark, to become a weapon, the darkness can be solidified to form projectiles or longer blades. Giving a Darkness bender the ability to form any kind of weapon he/she wishes. Darkness benders can also either solidify, or liquify the darkness and everything in between. Darkness when mastered, provides a great offensive ability, and environmental control. A bender of this element can also become a shadow themselves, blending into only existing shadows.
However, it is to be known that the shadow of another person cannot be manipulated or controlled, and no manipulating the darkness inside someone's body. Also, the darkness from a Dark benders own shadow can always be manipulated, however, the darkness created from an object can only be down if the shadow is completely dark, if it is a small or dim shadow, it will not be bendable.
When night time comes, Dark Benders are forces to be reckoned with.


Light, gives a bender the ability to manipulate the very light around them to fire concentrated blasts of energy. The light around a light bender is absorbed inside of them, allowing to shoot out this light in any shape or form they wish. Light benders are much like solar panels, the more they absorb, the stronger they become. By simply being in the presence of light, by it simply touching them, it's absorbed into there bodies automatically. They can also manipulate the brightness of lights, making a simple candle, or a light bulb seem blinding to there opponent.
It is to be known that Light bending is not Fire bending. The power of a beam of light is only measured by how much light one has absorbed. Fire is measured by the intensity of it's heat, while Light is measured by the thickness and density of light concentrated within.
Also, using the light created by fire from a fire bender is banned. Fire that is created, or being used by a fire bender cannot be used to the advantage of a Light bender.
During the day time, Light bender's are at there peak.


Skin bending the ability to use one's own skin, and no, you cannot bend anyone's skin but your own. Skin bender's have a wide variety of abilities with there own skin, they can harden it to being as hard as steel, creating there own armor, they can can extend there skin into weapons, send it out into projectiles and even expand it. Think of a water bender with water, the abilities of what a skin bender can do are similar in that there skin can become a very versatile weapons or defensive property. In addition, Skin benders can make use of skin flakes, sending them out to fall where they may, with this they can create whole body clones of themselves made out of skin. Skin clone cannot be hardened, which makes them very frail and easy to destroy. However, they make up for that in numbers, and expanding a Skin bender's reach beyond just there own skin. Skin benders will constantly regenerate there skin, meaning they supply of skin they have is infinite, and they can even heal there own wounds such as cuts, bruises and burns.
It is to be known that skin benders can only repair damage to there skin and can do nothing about everything else inside there body. If your a skin bender, and you took a hard it to the head, your skull and brain are screwed. Hardened skin does improve the hits you can take, but your organs and bones that are inside are the same, and thus are still susecpable to injury and fatal wounds.

The Five senses

One who can bend there five senses, can be considered the most lethal benders in terms of precision and awareness. A bender who can bend there 5 senses, can enhance there sight to they can see for miles, or when fighting, can better predict an opponents actions by watching the contraction of there muscles. With there sight, they can see details undetectable by the normal eye, such as heat waves, electrical currents, the small movements of the earth and the flow of water. Making them masters of prediction with there sight alone.
They can enhance there hearing to levels where they can hear voices from miles away, and are able to discern what they want to hear, and what they want to block out. They can hear the heart beat of humans and animals, they can hear any kind of noise, even those unnoticeable by normal human ears.
With there smell, they can identify distant or faint smells very quickly, such as smelling meat cooking in a city they are miles from, they may also smell the burning of a fire benders incoming attack, the scent of water as it's being manipulated.
With there touch, they can feel vibrations and movements all around them, not the extent where they can precisely predict distance and the look and shape of something much like seismic sense, but it's more of a rough idea. Someone with seismic can figure out the size, shape, and even intent of someone or something by the vibrations, where as a Sense's bender, could only discern the distance and weight of what was coming or leaving. The enhanced tough however, allows them to feel changes in the wind, or the shifting of the earth under there feet. By touching something they can figure out things like the age of a blade, the hardness of the metal, and level of rust on it just by giving it a poke.
There taste is also about the same as there touch, falling into the same abilities of touch if the Sense's bender is willing to places there tongue on something.
A bender of the Five sense's are the most aware opponents our there, and can predict most attacks or actions, however with this acute awareness, come a backlash on each sense.
There enhanced sense's cannot be turned off, and thus, there enhanced sight, can make normally bright lights blinding, there enhanced hearing will cause loud sounds to be ear splitting and cause mad ringing, there enhanced touch increases there feeling of pain, making them far more sensitive to damage. And yes, often times they are picky eaters, as something that doesn't fit what they like to eat, will taste horrifying.
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Re: Everything about Bending

Post by Naraca on Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:21 pm

Training your Bending ability

There are six levels of bending mastery. Now because bending itself gives a very wide array of abilities, here we will let you go on your imagination as to what you want to do with your element. Here though, that imagination of yours will go through 6 stages of just how crazy you can get with your bending. Depending on the quality of your character app and RP sample, staff will determine what level of mastery you start out with. The maximum level is Stage 3.
Because the act of bending is training your mind, body and spirit, training your elements will consist of training those three things. All must be trained in order for you to surpass the stages and rise to becoming a true master of your element.

[size=150]Stage 1:[/size]Novice

This stage of bending goes to the very basics of what bending is. A Novice's idea of bending is simply being able to move there respective element around, not quite form it into an attack. Any attacks that they attempt to perform will only be the most basic idea of attacking with an element. Such as merely throwing the element forward, not forming it into something lethal but just using it for what it is.

Novice Fire Bending:
A novice fire bender is unable to form there own fire, they can only use existing fire. This fire cannot be formed into a weapon, but simply thrown towards an opponent. For example, say you have a fireplace made, and someone comes to attack you. All you can do, is take the fire from the fire place, and throw it at them, much like throwing a rock, the fire is just thrown out. A novice fire bender cannot increase the heat of there flames, and can only use fire the size of a beach ball.

Novice Water Bending:
This level of bending for a water bender could be compared to Katara in episode one of Avatar. All she could really do successfully was levitate sphere's of water and manipulate small waves and currents and when she tried physical attacks they would mess up, or backfire. A Novice water bender is unable to perform physical attacks yet and can simply throw small bodies of water. A novice however can adjust the temperature of the water they are throwing, Making the water boiling of freezing. As a Novice Water bender, really just think of what Katara was able to do in the first couple episode of Avatar and that's what you can do.

Novice Earth Bender
As a novice, an Earth bender is simply only able to raise walls of earth about the size of there own bodies. They are only able to move boulders there own size, and can only propel them at a rather mediocre speed, enough to cause damage if hit, but easily dodgable. A Novice is unable to lift rocks or boulders off the ground without touching them, and the walls can only carry a thickness of 3 inches.

Novice Air Bender
A Novice Air bender is largely considered the least threatening in terms of physical attacks. They are only capable of minor gusts of wind, enough for the average person to perhaps be surprised by but not stopped in anyway. A Novice however, can slightly increase there movement speed with there Air bending, and can jump 5 feet in the air by just standing in place and performing a jump. They can manipulate there own movements slightly, not the the extent of flying all over the place, but enough to change there momentum in the opposite direction they are traveling by an inch of two suddenly.

Novice Darkness Bender
Because the Darkness itself is very intangible unlike the regular four elements, A novice Dark bender can only blend into existing shadows. This make's them completely undetectable by going inside shadows. They are unable to use the very darkness as a weapon at this point. In night fall however, they can blend into the darkness of night, you could say that in the night, they can be invisible and move around freely. However, if light is shined on them, they will be exposed upon contact with a light source.

Novice Light Bender
Because the Light itself is a very intangible thing unlike the regular four elements, a novice Light bender is unable to absorb and use any light to there advantage. They can however change the brightness of existing light, making it blinding if or dark if they wish. In the sun, they can almost render someones unprotected eyes blind no matter where they look. It is to be noted that a light bender cannot actually blind someone permanently instantly, they can increase the brightness to about that of looking into the sun, however this does not cause immediate blindness, only spotted vision unless it covers there eye's completely in which case they are temporarily blind. However it will not cause permanent blindness.

Novice Skin Bender
Skin bending is one of the more easier bendable substances as it is attached to your body and you can feel it all the time, making you already connected to it physically. Novice Skin benders cannot form any weapons with there skin yet. They can however, add 2 extra layers of skin to there bodies, making them more durable and resistant to blunt damage. A blade will still cut through, but a punch, or a hit from something blunt will slightly decrease the damage and pain. There skin itself heals very slowly. If a regular cut takes 2 weeks to heal, then it would take a Novice's skin one week. This is not counting the damage done beyond the skin which would take the regular amount of time.

Novice Five Sense's Bender
The sight of a Sense's bender with this level of mastery is hardly increased. Normal vision is considered 20/20, a Novice's eye's would be 30/30. They can see details from 10 feet farther away then the normal eye, such as being able to read something on a piece of paper from that distance.
The hearing becomes barely amplified, their ears only able to capture sounds just a few extra meters away, things closer they can only barely detect. A good way to put it, would be like one's hearing can span for a quite the distance when is complete silence. A Sense's benders hearing will always be in that very level of hearing regardless of the noise around them when in this state bending ability.

In order to obtain Stage 2 of bending you must train the three main things that make bending. Your Mind, Body and Spirit. This same form of training will apply to all stages.

Body training for Stage 2 is a WC(word count) of 1000 words. Training which must be RPed physically, no considering the philosophy of what it means to physically train. You must be RPing the actions of someone training there body.
Mind training WC is 500. This is very internal, meditation, focus, or whatever your character does to concentrate. It's all a mental game when you RP mind training, so no punching a tree or lifting weights and calling it training the brain.
Spiritual training WC is 1000. Spirit training is similar to mind training in the sense it can be rather out of body, However, because only so many words can be typed of someones inner thoughts and actions, training much like mental training will be accepted. Be creative with these though, don't be afraid to come up with your own method.

It will also be noted that training can also happen in battle. However, if you go from one stage, to another in battle, you will have that next stage, but you will be unable to use it during the battle.

[size=150]Stage 2:[/size]Student

Stage two could be compared to the Bending of Zuko in the first couple episodes we see him in. Like him, Stage two benders are trained in the proper use of bending. There not the greatest, not at all, but they know what there doing. A stage two is capable of fighting, can attack but on a small scale. There overall technique is basic, they know the basics of bending and can fight. One way you could put would be like your not considered a regular, grunt soldier. You can bend, you can fight, your not great at it, but you can do it.

Student Fire Bender
Once again, we will use Zuko for this comparison. In this stage, you can perform fire jabs and kicks, you can fire waves of flames and string together combos to perform a barrage of fire techniques. However, as a Student you attacks are not strong. They burn, but for a single fire jab to land on a normal person successfully would usually only result in them being knocked back on there ass with minor burns as the fire only quick touches them but just as quickly leaves. Students can only do effective damage by landing multiple hits to cause heavy burning and strong impact. They can use existing fire however to strengthen there generated fire techniques for stronger burns and more impact.
It will be noted however that Student fire benders may ONLY perform fire jabs and kicks. They use this in anyway they wish, so long as they follow the rule of just fire jabs and kicks.

Student Water Bender
This stage of water could be compared to Katara around the time where she learned the water whip. At this point Water benders can attack offensively and can turn there water into ice. However Water benders can only make weapons out of a very limited amount of water, think of it like water only the height and width of your character can be properly controlled and formed into weapons as water bending requires a great deal of control and fluidity of movements. Students are just starting to get the hand of it, and thus, can not use any body of water that is bigger then they are at once. The ice that Students form is weak as well and with little density. The ice itself is very easily breakable and can be broken very easily.

Student Earth Bender
As a Student, Earth benders are now able to form walls about two times there own size in terms of height, width and thickness. They may also form at least 3 walls at one time. They may also raise and toss rocks no bigger then there own bodies without touching them. Boulders 3 times bigger then they are can now be pushed at a fast pace. Student Earth benders could be considered to be good enough to be front line soldiers. No where near elite, but can hold there own in a battle.

Student Air Bender
Air benders of this level are now able to fire out gust of wind that could lift up to 100 pounds, being able to knock down most people on there butt. In terms of being elusive Air benders can now change the course of there direction to a degree of a foot in any direction they wish. Basically meaning that say they are running in one direction, but need to suddenly go backwards, they can quick make themselves travel a full foot backwards before needing to use there own legs to keep up the momentum the air burst had created. Students may also jump at least 3x there normal height.

Student Darkness Bender
Now as a student, Darkness benders may now fight offensively. In addition to being able to perfectly hide within shadows and darkness, but they may solidify there own shadows and use them as weapons. They may change the direction of where there shadow is facing, and can fire projectiles or can use the arms of there shadows as tendrils. They may also lift there shadows up off the ground so it is like they are fighting with there own dark form on there side. As a student, you cannot use outside darkness, just your shadow. If you have no shadow for whatever reason, then you have no darkness to bend. A students shadow can merely fire projectiles or extend there limbs.
The shadow of a darkness bender can only be solidified to about the same level of hardness as the ice of a student water bender. They are far from solid, but can take a hit. However, luckily for darkness benders that so long as they have a shadow, it can always reform when destroyed.

Student Light Bender
Student Light benders may now fire beams of concentrated solar energy from there palms, feet and mouth. These beams could be compared to ki blasts from the DBZ franchise. The beams at this stage have more of an impact in there shots, able to hard impact and damage to someone who's hit directly by a blast. Student Light benders cannot fire attacks any stronger then beams or projectiles the size of there own palms, powered up shots can only go to about the size of there chest. Projectiles have an explosive property, whereas beams have more of a lasting pressure damage and burn. A students attack however upon directly hitting someone would not kill them, a single attack would do little more then cause minor burns and slight pressure damage. Only multiple landed shots can do serious damage.

Student Skin Bender
Skin benders may now form there skin into weapons, thereby allowing them to harden there skin to about the same hardness as reinforced plastic. A Skin bender can only form blades on there and weapons on there limbs. At this stage Skin benders may only form offensive weapons that are no bigger then there own limbs. Since there skin does now regenerate at a much faster rate, they may fire projectiles as well. However, if firing more then 10 projectiles at one time, skin will take 2 posts from the Skin bender to regenerate, meaning they have no skin from where ever they fired there skin from.
On average, if damaged skin can have a regenerative rate of 5 posts before a complete healing.

Student Five Sense's Bender
Sense's benders have now reached a combat worthy level in there sense. There sight can now give them a slight edge in predicting the movements of another. They can see things clearly from 50 feet away, closer up they can see details the naked eye could only see under a microscope. For example, from 10 feet away, a Sense's bender could each individual thread in a piece of clothing and even see the microfibers within a single piece of thread. This can help them better read body language as well, yet only to a degree. They would not be able to perfectly pin point someone's intentions, however there instinct upon seeing something can tel them if maybe it's something good or bad. It will be noted however that they are far from masters, and can misread and mistake body language still very easily. In addition, there site is stronger, therefore they can be more easily blinded, and for longer periods of time.
There hearing is now amplified they could the unsheathing of a sword from a distance, they can better hear a benders actions through there breathing patterns, or listen to change of the tide in water, or the coming of a gust of wind. Once again however, there hearing can be fooled, and masked, even over powered as they are more sensitive to sounds.
There touch now lets them better feel vibrations when touching the ground or a wall. It allows there sense of touch to even be expanded from just there hand. For example, say they dip there hand in a pool of water, they could better feel the change in it's flow when somebody jumps in.
There sense of smell may now lets them smell faint, or non-existent smells to some people. Allowing to for example better determine how much longer a flower will stay in bloom based on it's smell. In terms of combat, they can smell the scent of fresh water or salt water better, smell the burning of fire, the smell of the wind as it begins to rush more intensely, and thus push the scents it carried closer to the Sense's bender.
And yes, there taste follows the same properties as there touch.
It will be noted that a Student Sense's feels more pain the average human as there nervous system is more sensitive. This says nothing about there pain tolerance of course, but only pain for them is more intense.

Training for Stage 3:
Body Training: 2500 WC
Mental Training: 1000 WC
Spiritual Training 1500 WC

[size=150]Stage 3:[/size]Prodigy
Now a Prodigy, your bending ability is now in the half way point of it full potential. Benders at this stage can be compared to Azula around the first few episodes where we see her display her bending. Prodigy's have a much better grasp on there bending ability, one could say they now know all the basics perfectly, and are pro's with the beginner bending ability's. Meaning that there bending is far more versatile and more powerful.There is also more variety with attacks, stemming beyond just simply offensive moves. Prodigy's in terms of rank would go beyond foot soldiers now, Stage 3 benders are more like high ranking officers. One's that go in after the grunts when there having trouble.

Prodigy Fire Bender
Once again we will use Azula as a comparison for this point. Think of Azula and her bending abilities on her first couple fights. Her flames were strong, she could use bigger flames and her movements were more precise and deadly. As a prodigy, you can go beyond just fire jabs and kicks, but use wide, arcing shots that are like in coming crescents of fire. The fire you shoot can be as big as your own body, you can even fire small, longer streams of flame like a flamethrower. These streams however are no wider then your own palm. Fire may also be used for close range, letting flame envelop your fists, arms or legs and use them for burning melee combos.

Prodigy Water Bender
We can use Katara in book 2 for this example. At around that time Katara was able to use her water for offensive and defense in quick succession and could manipulate bodies of water much larger then her own body. She could even form the water into thick and strong ice. This is all now within a Prodigy's power to do so now, the water they use can be 2x larger then there own body, and they can form into strong ice. They are well versed in water offensive attack and defensive moves. However, the water they use can no bigger then 2 time there size as stated before.

Prodigy Earth Bender
Think of yourself like The Boulder from early in Book 2 of The Last Airbender. He could bend large rocks and boulders, raise several walls and pillars from the ground. In this stage Prodigy's may be able to reshape the rocks they bend into different shapes. They may move boulders at least 8x there size and can raise several walls at one time. Being able to also raise several rocks at a time which they can use as weapons by keeping them afloat all at one time.

Prodigy Air Bender
While no where near, you could say at this point your a little more then half to about as good as an Air bender as Aang. In this stage you can jump at least 20 feet in the air, you can send strong torrents of wind that will send people flying for a few feet away. You may change your course of travel by 5 feet with a single gust of wind to change your course. As a Prodigy you are now very tricky and elusive, able to move in just about any direction at incredible speed.

Prodigy Darkness Bender
Finally, now that you have reached this stage, you may now manipulate outside Darkness beyond just your shadow, able to perform the same moves as you could as a Student, but from anywhere that is dark or shady. In addition, Prodigy's may solidify there darkness to be as hard as red wood. They may fire projectiles much bigger then they are, more at a time as well. Darkness Bender's may also now use multiple tendrils made of darkness at one time and can even from them into different weapons or shapes. There shadow now has become stronger, even if there cannot be a shadow, or darkness for whatever reason, a Darkness Bender's shadow may now still remain regardless of the environment.

Prodigy Light Bender
Prodigy's may now fire shots larger then there palms and can fire stronger concentrated beams of light. The shots, both projectile and beam can be as large as the user's torso. Now projectiles carry a much stronger explosive property, while beams have more of a 'mow down' effect, being able to push through most things it touches. Prodigy's can also use the impact of the shots to elevate themselves slightly to get an extra couple feet of a jump. Prodigy Light benders shots are now overall rather deadly, able to bust through solid wood and cause severe impact on an armored opponent.

Prodigy Skin Bender
Skin Benders may now form and control weapons as large as there torsos, there skin can now be as hard as red wood and they can now form clones to a maximum of 10 with skin flakes. The Skin clones are just as hard as normal skin but can from weapons as hard as reinforced plastic. They may fire several projectiles at a time and there skin regenerates completely by just 3 posts. They can now use the skin from there whole bodies and not just there limbs. Skin will now regenerate quick enough to fire at least 20 projectiles before having to stop to regenerate for just 1 post (not including the post you ran out of shots).

Prodigy Five Sense's Bender
There site is now quite long range, about the same as that of a sniper rifle. There site can help them see extreme detail from distances and up close. Allowing them to now even better predict someone movements by seeing them with less chance of error and more a chance on reacting properly.
There hearing can now also go a great distance, they are able to now hear the heartbeats of opponents, able to better predict what there going to do next, or there intentions based on the pattern of there heart rate.
They can now smell from greater distances, able to almost map out everything within a 100 meter radius based on the smells of the world around them.
They can now feel things on a much more sensitive level, arguably as good as an Earth benders very own seismic sense.

Training for Stage 4
Body Training: 3000
Mental Training: 1500
Spiritual Training: 2000

[size=150]Stage 4:[/size]Adept
With Stage 4, a bender is now allowed to have 2 sub-elements of there choice. Each one must be trained for an easy WC of 500.

Adept Fire Bender Subs
Lightning Bending: The ability to fire lightning from one's finger tips. This is very fast, and lethal upon impact.

Lightning Redirection: To be able to absorb a lightning strike and then send it out else where. You may redirect lightning of any size, strength or speed.

Lava Bending: This allows you to bend Lava, being much similar to a water bender.

Heat Redirection: No matter the heat, or intensity, one can bend heat it self and send it else where or towards someone. This heat can be blistering hot.

Blue Flame: Blue flame allows for stronger fire then normal fire when fire bending. Making your fire 2x stronger then that of a normal fire bender

Flying: The ability to fly freely, with your fire bending being use as a propulsion system.

Combustion: BANNED

Adept Water Bending Subs:

Healing: This allows a water bender to any and all non-fatal wounds. By Stage 6 of bending, this can heal fatal and life threatening wounds.

Condensation: The ability to draw water from the air as use it as effective water for bending.

Plant Bending: You can bend plants.

Weather Manipulation: The ability to change the weather and cause any kind of weather condition you wish.

Blood Bending: BANNED

Adept Earth Bending Subs

Metal Bending: You can bend metal

Compression: The ability to break down rocks into small pellets and send them charging like bullets.

Sand Bending: The ability to bend sand

Seismic Sense:The ability to sense people and objects without sight, giving 360 degree vision with anything touching the ground

Adept Air Bender Subs

Flying: The ability to fly freely, and no you don't have to have a glider, just fly around.

Weather Manipulation: The ability to change the weather and cause any kind of weather condition you wish.

Wind Swords: The ability to make the air you bend sharp to it has a cutting effect to it, being able to use blades made of wind or send out sharp gusts of wind. The wind will shimmer making it noticeable for other to see.

Concentration: The allows you to concentrate your air into single points and creating dense shapes made of wind that can have explosive effects upon contact. Think of it like with this you can maker Air Grenades. The air that is packed together will be seen clearly by others.

Adept Darkness Bending Subs

Liquify: The ability to make the darkness turn to black water and give you the option to bend it wherever you with, making dark bending attacks come from the black water, or use the water itself as a weapon.

Multiple Shadows: The ability to create more then one of your own shadow at a time, these shadows will be destroyable by light sources and thus they give a greater expansion of Darkness bending for some who has no darkness near them.

Adept Light Bending Subs

Flying: The ability to fly so long as you are in light, which means no flying in dark rooms, but flying is allowed in light rooms or environments.

Light bending in darkness: This makes it so you can still fire your attacks from your body regardless of how dark it is. However your Light bending level will be decreased by one stage rank.

Adept Skin Bending Subs:

Bone Bending: The free ability to bend your own bone structure the same way you would bend your skin. Bones rebuild upon extraction instantly.

Adept Five Sense's Bending Subs:

Training for Stage 5:
Body Training: 4000
Mental Training: 3000
Spiritual Training: 2000

[size=150]Stage 5:[/size]Master
This is the greatest level of bending one can achieve. You are now a master of your element, proudly able to say you bending is on par with people like Aang with Air, Korra with Water, Toph or Bumi with Earth, and Ozai with fire. Of course not on par with an Avatar in Avatar state with an element, but still now a master of your element. A Master's attacks are large and are powerful, they have ultimate control over there element and are fearsome foes to go into battle against.

Master Fire Bender
Compare this level of bending to Ozai or Iroh WITHOUT Sozin's Comet. Your bending is fierce, powerful, and much larger in scope. You can shoot fire bigger then your body and hot enough to burn people into nothing but ash upon direct contact. As of now, the only real limit on you is that you can't go and set whole city's on fire. Think of yourself as the best fire bender you've seen, of course just without the colossal power and size of a fire benders power with Sozins comet.

Master Water Bender
You now posses the great Water Bending abilities of Korra. You may form your water into any shape, form and use bodies of water bigger then your own body. Of course not the extent of one in Avatar state, but nonetheless this makes you a very capable water bender with knowledge of all the techniques and arts that come with water bending.

Master Earth Bender
You may now say you can bend as good as Toph or Bumi. Your Earth bending skills have reached the highest proportions, able to bend the earth quickly, effectively and much larger boulders, walls and pillars then before. As a Master your know everything there is to know about Earth bending, you know all techniques and can perform any and all Earth bending moves.

Master Air Bender
Yes, once again we'll use an Avatar character for this comparison. Like it was mentioned before, you may now bend the Air like Aang, only just not when he was in Avatar state. You may bend massive levels of wind and air, able to fly quickly and dance around the ground with great dexterity and agility.

Master Darkness Bender
To be a Master of Darkness bending, is to have ultimate control over all that is dark. You may call upon arms or projectiles bigger then your own body and command several at one time. You may solidify your darkness to that of bronze metal and your shadow is as hard as iron. Every where that is dark, be it a slight shade or pitch black, can be used as a powerful weapon.

Master Light Bender
Now as a Master, you may fire great and powerful beams of light and throw down explosive projectiles that could blow up a house with a single ball of explosive light. The beams you fire, from your feet, hands, mouth or where ever can mow down metal as hard as steel and destroy all in it's path. The only real limit you have to what you want to do, is that you cannot destroy whole cities or armies with just a single attack. So feel free to pull of a Kamehameha if you wish.

Master Skin Bender
Master Skin benders can harden there skin to be as strong as steel, they may expand there skin into wide plated shields as well or make massive weapons bigger then there own bodies out of there skin. They can make up to 30 Skin clones and each are as hard as red wood and can use all the same bending ability's that a the original can use. The limit of what one can do with there skin now is almost non-existent, just not to the extent of levels cites with a single attack. Your skin is now fully under your control and you are able to do just about anything with it.

Master Sense's Bender
Your sense have now reached levels of near perfect prediction.
With your sight you can see attacks even before they happen by seeing your opponents muscles contract before they attack, giving you much more time to act before they do. You sight lets you see everything someone is going to do before they do so long as that person is moving and therefore you can read there muscle contractions and body language perfectly.
Your ears may hear catch everything within 300 meters perfectly and hear everything within that range.
You can smell everything within a 400 meter radius and map out the environment almost perfectly just through smells.
Your touch can let you feel things just as good as seismic sense, which can help better predict one's movements by feeling the vibrations on the ground.With this though, comes excruciating pain with things that would only cause minor pain to a normal person.

Training for Stage 6
Body Training: 5000
Mental Training: 4000
Spiritual Training: 3500

[size=150]Stage 6[/size]Legend
One can also call this Stage, Legendary. A level of bending only ever achieved by the Avatar. One that no human being has ever accomplished. This is the absolute limit one can get to in bending mastery. As a Legend, you have already mastered your element, now, you have taken your mastery and raised to a whole different level. This is the level of bending that makes history, the kind that only Avatar's have been able to pull off when in Avatar State. With this power, one's own power is hardly limited, it has reached colossal proportions and can be utterly massive in scope. As the word implies, you are a Legend of your element, reaching a level higher then a master. There have been many Masters, but few Legends. There bending, is truly awe inspiring and capable of great and wonderful things, or raw and destructive things beyond the level of most benders in the world.

Warning:While being a Legend grants you tremendous power, and lets you pretty much do whatever kinda bending you want, be it powerful, massive, destructive, or all at the same time. Legendary bending will come with the watchful eye of Staff, more so then before. Everyone is expected to use there abilities fairly and not ruin the RPG experience for anyone else. While this is a story, and anything can happen. Legendary benders will still be watched, and we expect you to be reasonable with this gift. If you are not, you WILL be stripped of your rank and demoted to whatever Stage we wish to put you on based on how you act with the Legendary rank.

Legendary Fire Bending
Bending much like that of a Fire Bender with the upgrade of Sozins comet will now be yours to use as you wish. Your attacks can be massive in size and scope and can burn just about everything that touches it. When we say this, remember Iroh's fire ball busting through the wall of Ba Sing Sae? Yeah, well there's an idea of what you can do. You have ultimate fire bending power now, have fun!

Legendary Water Bending
Well guess what? You can do pretty much whatever ya like with your water bending abilities now. Your attacks are like that of a master water bender in Avatar State, so that pretty much means that you can create those awe inspiring tidal waves or those great lakes. If you have the healing ability, you can heal wounds both fatal and non-fatal instantly. So long as you have water of course. It will be noted that that damage to one's organs cannot be healed. You can merely heal life threatening wounds to your body or broken bones. Other then that though, you water bending has reached it's peak, so feel free to have fun with your imagination, and your bending ability.

Legendary Earth Bending
King Bumi? Toph? Ha! Chumps now compared to you. Your Earth Bending has reached mountainous proportions and has made you a complete and utter "Legend" of your element, making you able to do just about anything with your Earth bending. Your power knows no bounds! (Unless Staff says so) So feel free to go out there and bend the earth to the best of your imagination.

Legendary Air Bending
Oh yeah! You see Aang when he's in Avatar State with that sick Air bending? Well guess what!? That what you can do now! Bend the air however ya like, make some hurricanes, row up a tornado. Your a Legend now, go out there and give it your all with no holds barred Air Bending power. You can bend the Air however you wish, have fun.

Legendary Darkness Bending
The rules specified for Darkness about stated earlier are still in effect about what Darkness simply cannot be bended, other then that though, your Darkness bending has reached a point where everything that is dark is now yours and you can use it under colossal proportions. The Darkness is now your weapon, so feel free to make it any kinda weapon you wish, in kinda way you want to use it.

Legendary Light Bending
Is that a Spirit Bomb I see! Wow, looks like Legendary Light bending has really turned out well for you. Fire massive blasts of light, fire those beams of insane levels of power destroying all in your path, go for it! Staff will make sure your reasonable, but go on and have fun.

Legendary Skin Bending
Your my friend can now be as hard as steel with an instant regeneration and as many clones as you want. You and your skin can do whatever they choose now. You may make any kinda weapons, any kinda size, and with the hardness of steel, why not? Lets see what you can come up with.

Legendary Sense's Bender
Now with this, your abilities will be a bit more explained.
Your senses now all combined, basically give you the ultimate prediction, to where you can now perfectly detect what some is going to do before they do it with all your combined 5 senses all working together. Your vision can extend as far as you want, just so long as you can only see straight ahead and not have your vision suddenly fly in the air and make you have a birds eye view. You can merely "zoom in" as close as you like and with perfect clarity. You can hear everything now if you wish, be reasonable though once again. Don't hear what your enemy is saying about you if he's halfway across the planet.
Your smell can help you map out a whole city so you can know everything there is to know about the environment. This will also include your touch, and by touching something, you feel everything about it.

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Re: Everything about Bending

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Multiple Bending

Due to the fact that we have 8 elements to bend, we the staff have decided to grant members the ability to bend more then one element at once. Since you might not want to make several character apps just to experience some of the elements our site has to offer you can now a total of "TWO"elements with one character. This number may change in the future.

"Rules for Multiple Bending

Generally the same rules for normal bending apply, however there are a few differences that will seperate a multiple elemental bender from a normal bender.

1. You are allowed to choose any element for your second that is NOT the one you currently bend.
2. Your second may only be trained up to STAGE 3. It cannot become any stronger then that.
3. Since it is only on Stage 3, you cannot use any sub-elements with the element you choose.
4. In order to acquire multiple bending you must do one of the followed: Register your multiple bending ability and element as a MAJOR SA, After reaching Stage 5 with your original element you may train your character to have a second element with a WC of 4000 for body training, 2000 for mind training and 1000 for spirit training. Because our site has a large focus on story, there can be a situation where your character obtains Multiple Bending through other means via Plot event or permission by staff. However don't count on this option, use one of the other methods and if you so happen to be chosen by staff to bend more then one element...Well lucky you.
5. If you want to bend multiple elements in the future but don't wish to use it at the moment, you will have to register your character with a MINOR SA that they have the potential of multiple bending. However you will then have to follow the same rules that apply to Stage 5 benders who want to have a second element.

These rules will be subject to change in the future and may be rewritten so keep an eye on this topic if your interested in Multiple Bending but don't like the current rules. They may just be changed to benefit your own method of obtaining another element.

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Re: Everything about Bending

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