A note on weapon material, spiritual weapons and armour

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A note on weapon material, spiritual weapons and armour

Post by PineApocalypse on Tue Jun 10, 2014 8:51 am

Weapon Materials

Any weapon you register needs to be made from some material. The list of available weapon materials is as follows:

Primitive (Rock/Wood)
Meteorite (space metal)

It is important that you remember that only primitive and bronze weapons have any significant downsides when facing sturdier materials.

Primitive weapons are made of wood and stone and bone held together by vines or bits of rope, unrefined weapons that are easy to make but easy to break. Only basic spears and maces can be made from primitive materials. Primitive weapons hold a very poor edge and spears have to be sharpened often if they are to de any damage.

Bronze is a soft metal and the edges of bronze weapons needs to be hardened by repeatedly hammering at it. Bronze weapons are at a disadvantage against iron, steel, meteorite and titanium weapons. Bronze is soft enough that clashing edge on edge against weapons made from tougher materials will completely ruin the bronze weapon's edge, rendering the weapon useless.

Other than these two all of the other materials are pretty much equivalent. Despite the above keep in mind that a weapon's lethality is mostly reliant on the skill of its wielder. A sword master wielding a bronze sword can easily wreck an untrained man wielding a titanium Spiritual blade.

Spiritual Weapons

Speaking of Spiritual weapons, what are they? Well Spiritual weapons are tools that have become so closely associated to a spirit in some way that that Spirit has begun inhabiting the weapon, granting special powers (or in some cases disadvantages) to the weapon's wielder. If you plan on making a spiritual weapon you better have a very convincing backstory ready to explain how that happened.

Primitive weapons are the only ones that cannot be spiritual, they have a tendency to break and fall apart too quickly for a spirit to become closely associated enough with the weapon to infuse it with a part of itself.

The powers granted to a wielder by a spiritual weapon can range from increased physical capabilities to sapping an opponent's strength on hit. What power the weapon gains from the spirit depends on the nature and power of the spirit.


Armour is a protective layer of material you wear to ward yourself from incoming blows. A full set of armour is made up of 24 pieces: A helmet (head), a gorget (neck), two pauldrons (shoulders), a breastplate (chest), two rerebraces (upper arms), two couters (elbows), two vembraces (forearms), two gauntlets (hands), a fauld (hips/groin), two cuisses (thigh), two poleyns (knees), two greaves (shins) and two sabatons (feet).
All armours belong to one of two categories, Light Armour or Heavy Armour.

Light armour is any armour that won't significantly impact your character's agility and ability to move around, jump, pirouette, backflip, etcetera. In return light armour is pretty much useless when it comes to warding off any direct blow. Light armour helps against grazes, light scratches and glancing blows.
Example of light armour material: leather.

Heavy armour significantly reduces your character's agility. A character wearing heavy armour won't be able to pirouette about or jump or anything of the sort. As such any character wearing heavy armour is incapable of performing bending moves that require any form of acrobatics. However in return for this loss in manoeuvrability heavy armour can ward off direct blows from all weapons except maces or hammer.
Example of heavy armour material: iron.

NOTE: A character who wears 6 or less pieces of armour made from heavy armour material counts as having a light armour class and does not suffer from the usual drawbacks of wearing heavy armour, unless one of these is a breastplate, which for the purpose of determining your armour class counts as 3 pieces.

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