Character Updates Info/Templates

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Character Updates Info/Templates

Post by Naraca on Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:35 pm

What is this for?

The updates forum is a tool for administration to use in order to sort through various roleplayed changes in the forum. Because everything is done IC (meaning no OOC training) this forum allows the members to request their updates be looked at and appropriately approved. This prevents you from messing up and us from getting cluttered.

Do I have to use this?

Yes, you do. Its not that hard to use, shouldn't add more than 2 minutes to whatever you were doing. Just copy the template and provide the information, and done.

Like other forums, make a single topic for your entire character. It should be entitled "______'s Update Thread"

[b]Type of Update:[/b] Bending Stage, Sub-element, Rank, Weapon etc
[b]Unique Info:[/b] I.E if its a mission, what rank? If its a rank change, what rank are you going to. If its a Bending Stage, what was your previous stage and how much WC are you adding or how many stages is it going up? Etc etc
[b]Link to Completion:[/b] Provide the url to where you completed this change. If its a bending change or stage training, link
us to your training. If its a mission link us to where you completed the mission.

Pretty simple and straight forward. A few things you should keep in mind~

-Better safe than sorry, if you're not sure if you should include some odd details or if what you just did in RP even requires you to request an update its better to just post and include everything rather than risk having us bite your head off for messing up such an easy system.
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