Back From The Dead

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Back From The Dead

Post by Naraca on Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:18 am

Welp, what better time to take a look at this place again then in the night, long after my graveyard shift is over and being up for at least over 24 hours. So I'll get right to it.

First thing I will mention is that this place, is pretty much done, I mean even without the little changes I made, this place is pretty much finished, only little things here and there are necessary. Give a huge shout out to mah good man Pine for pooling out his ideas on here and giving us a lot of good stuff to work with. But that all being said, I'll say it again, this place is ready for people.

Now I'm gonna say this: I am not committed to this place, honestly this place brings back bad memories of wasted potential and lack of commitment. I doubt this place will actually get up off the ground and even if it does I'm getting increasingly busy in life and it's less likely I can commit to being the Head Admin here.

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But...When I look at the long road clouded by bad memories of these place, when I look at how much work was in fact put into this place, how much pain, stress, and fatigue I went through to manage everyone to get this place off the ground, I just hate to see so much work, so much effort thrown away. Plus, after tieing Pine to this place, I'd hate for his work to be put to waste. So even if I'm not Head Admin, even if I forget all about it, I do want to see this place at least finished. So that maybe some day someone else can pick it up and take over.

So! I now bring you what I've done so far.


1. I removed admin ship from Kiara, Terra and Xira, why? Just look at the last time they've been on. With there lives and schedules the way they are now there's no way we could rely on there activity, and I don't feel like having them wear them like nifty badges.

2. I edited the character creation app. You can find the original one that Pine created here: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

It look like not much is changed, however the reason why Pine's entire mastery system is in there as well as the Char App explanation is simply because it actually interferes with my Strength and Weaknesses system. Pine's system is not deleted, it's simply being put on the side, just gotta talk about it some more. But I'll express my basic point here. It's not that the system is bad, it's that it uses numbers to balance instead of judgement, which I feel hampers creative potential in members wanting to create there own, unique character with interesting strength's and weakness. The potential with balancing rather then math through Mastery and Debilitation points I feel keeps things controlled yet loose.

2. Dachou's entire Weapons and Pets system has been moved as well. Pine's system I feel works better for a weapons system and is honestly on the right track to me. However there is still work to be done on Pine's system, and there are things I would like Pine's system to borrow from Dachou's to an extent.

3. The old character creation app had been moved, basically, upon putting in my strength and weaknesses system, the rest of Pine's char app I'd like to keep and work around if necessary. This also goes for the previous character example topic.

4. This is not a change so much as it's a statement. Since the character creation app has been changed, I'm going to say that all characters that have been registered using the old system will remain as they are, as in they don't need to be updated. Simply because honestly the old apps cover enough still, and anything not covered has already been filled in via RP. Most we can do is move the old apps to a separate little section for apps that are in use but old and thus can't be referenced.


Now that's everything so far, being half awake and seeing doubles due to how tired I am, I'm surprised I wrote this much as it is. So with all this, I can talk with you all later about things I want to keep, or other things I want to have changed or added. For the most part though it's like I said before, this place is good to go for members. So upon ya'lls agreement of that, I can open the flood gates for members. Same for you reading this.

Oh! and one thing I will stress. The story that has progressed so far, I'm still thinking of it, but leaning towards keeping everything where it is and instead creating a side plot outside of the currently story with the Avatar. This can be a big world, one with many stories and many events taking place, no need to focus on the main hero's all the time. If we have to, we'll get new members to fill in the roles of the story characters. An option of course that would require another few paragraphs to explain.

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So...I'm sleepy to say the least. But thank you to Pine and Dachou for keeping there thoughts on this place. I'll do what I can to honor your dedication for this place.

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