Lovely Terra

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Lovely Terra

Post by Terra on Tue Nov 13, 2012 12:56 am


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

    Name: Terra Elane
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female

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    Personality: Terra is a hard hitter, she is tough and shows is constantly. However, her aura around her may be intimidating but deep inside she is a very soft person who cares for anyone and anything. Her loyalty to a cause of friend is unmatched, and she shows it with any trail that comes her way. Due to her hard exterior she lets a few emotions escape unless her guard is down. She loves a challenge and will never back down from one regardless of how strong her opponent is.

    Terra does however, loathe the thought of a weak person. She can see the tough side of anyone and it pains her to see someone be weak and feeble minded during a very serious situation. Regardless once someone is past that outer shell they see the soft kind side of Terra..which is her true self.
Character's Story
"Make sure you give me all you got..because I plan on breaking you"

Background: Terra was born to a Noble man and woman in the spring 19 years ago. Both of them knew nothing about earthbending but when their daughter was born with bright green eyes unlike their brown ones they just knew she was different. Even at a young age Terra excelled through all her skills except for one thing..her anger. Just like her father she was quick to explode if someone treated her wrongly.

At 12, after begging her father to take her, he finally decided to take her to a earthbending tournament just so she could see what earth bending was like. Two hours passed and all that while the girl felt something inside her burst out. Without thinking Terra shot down the seats they were at and after the last match was over rush towards the champion. The towering man looked down upon Terra before performing a simply movement of moving a large boulder. When he mentioned to her that it might take her some time to move one that size Terra stated that she did even know if she could earthbend. The Champion smirked and did the simple technique once more but this time split the rock into three pieces.

As his eyes looked down upon hers Terra nodded and tried, which to her surprise she did not lift the normal boulders but the large one that was left and split it into three pieces. Then as if it was second nature she began stacking and pushing the rocks around the arena with ease. Watching his daughter caused him to have knots in his she was different..and a prodigy at that. That night in the dark of her room she heard her parents arguing about her father wanting her to never earthbend again while her mother embraced her childs gift.

Terra agreed to obey her father but disobey him, when saying she was studying or just out and about she snuck her way into the underground where all the men trained and trained herself along with the others training her.

7 years had then passed and her father still does not know about his daughter becoming one of the strongest earthbenders in the nation and fighting for money. She has grown into a tough woman taking orders from no man and respecting very little authority since most men in the nation think a woman can't earthbend as well as they can. The men in the underground raised her to be tough while her mother taught her to be kind and gentle...which is who she really is but has a very tough time showing that exterior.

Nindo: Give Respect to Earn Respect
Catchphrase: None

  • Food
  • Challenges
  • Training
  • Teasing People
  • Jewels


  • Ignorance
  • Authority
  • Bossy People
  • Dramatic People
  • Standing on Ice

Class Information
"If you don't like something change it, if you can't change your attitude"

Nation: Earth
Title: Tough Titan aka TT
Element: Earth

Weapons: None
Fighting Style: Krav Maga and Kick Boxing
Bending Stage: Stage 5, Master

Special Abilities:

    Major: Exceptional at Acrobatics - Terra is able to use her flexible body to maneuver around areas or climb up places normal people are unable to reach or do.
    Major: Exceptional Tracker - Terra is able to pick up on the smallest clues left when a person is running from them or trying to hide.
    Major: Advance Vibration Sense - Terra can pick up on someone's walk when their foot hits the ground about 10 miles away from her. However, she has to officially meet the person in close range to know what their vibration is.
    Minor: Natural Sense of Direction - Terra is one to never get lost, it doesn't matter where she is she is always able to find a way out of a way to her next destination.


    Major: Afraid of excessive blood. Alot of blood splatter on the ground or on her can cause Terra to freak out and leave no matter what is going on to find the nearest pond or water source to wash it off. If unable to get away she cringes and shivers unable to move from the spot she is in.
    Major: Is very trusting. Terra has a trusting nature and will let anyone close to her despite all the dirt that has been done. This opens her up countless times to be crossed over or even attempted to be killed.
    Major: Easily Angered. It does not take much to set Terra off, if she feels disrespected or if she feels someone is out of line she does not think twice about letting anyone know how she feels. It even gets to the point where if she sees something that she doesn't want to happen she will physically fight to make it stop or to show she is not in a good mood.
    Minor: Can not last long during the night. This girl easily falls asleep as soon as if gets dark outside. Its hard to wake her up but with a good splash of water it'll do the trick.

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Re: Lovely Terra

Post by Naraca on Tue Nov 13, 2012 1:32 am

Looks good to me, probably just a little more detail how being easily angered can affect you in a fight. Does it impair judgement? Perhaps you fight all out and waste energy quickly? However it impairs you in battle is your choice.

Other then that


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Naraca's appearance ^

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