Pain has arrived

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Pain has arrived

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The Fire Rises



Burning embers...

Heat Rising...

Pain was felt across the land and the survivors that remained were dwindling. Those that cowered in there homes made of frozen ice were exterminated under a torrent of flame, leaving nothing but the steam of there former ice home, and ashes of the bodies that were left over. The dawn had become red, the surrounding area surrounded in long trails of smoke and fire. It was an entire village that was burning. It's cleansing was routine that came with the rudimentary struggles of the so called "Warriors".
They came with sharpened sticks and pitiful moats of water or ice. It was all an excuse for resistance that paled in comparison to the ever lasting flame of the God that graced them with his presence.
As they fell, if they were still breathing they pleaded there reasons for survival by such a disgraceful act of falling to there knees. These creatures were unworthy of the new world, this was a blessing that they be sent to the home world where this God came from. Yet they honored this kindness with such an excuse for combat? There was no power within any of them, so how could they assume that there displays would please the true Messiah?

Purple eye's with several black rings around the irises of this God in human form observed as all fell to the purge of fire that he had gifted them. This village had erected tall buildings made of ice and snow. There was a level of respect for the Water Tribe that stayed true to there roots. Yet the respect was for The Water Tribe, not for the people of that Tribe. The respect was geared towards there customs, yet not the people that followed them. This was no peace, this was no happiness, this was a hollow form of joy, an empty shell. There was no soul, no real lesson.
They did not earn this peace, they did not deserve it, it was merely given to them by those that even further disrespected the name of peace by carelessly giving it out to everyone in site.
There was only one way to peace, only one way to salvation.

With the destruction of this old world, a new one would rise from the ashes. One where the only survivors would be ones that understood the true meaning of peace. Others could obtain that though, the survivors would have experienced the Pain of losing everything. With that experience, would come numbness, with numbness would come an understanding, then that understanding would give birth to the foundation of peace.

Yet where was the one who was so generous as to bestow this gift to humanity? Where was he now? Well the the surprise of many, he had finished dealing with The Southern Water tribe. It's people were turned to ash, it's buildings, temples, monuments, stores, and houses all burned to steam, the wild life following the same fate. This only left the select few that he had allowed to live.

For now...

A woman, on her knee's who was titled as "Queen" stared up at the God made flesh. Her bright blue eye's filled with rage, she was not afraid of the one that stood before her. Even after watching everyone she knew, everyone she was entitled to protect, everyone her heart claimed love for. They all were ash, all but one. The very one who this God of peace was searching for.
A man was beside her, he was known as the "King" he was also on his knees. He was just as fearless as she was. The God of Peace honored this, and saw them as being worthy to live. However, it was not there fault they would instead need to be cleansed. It was the one whom they had taken care of then sent out into the world.

The Avatar...

The God of peace donned a black robe with a high collar and red clouds printing on it. His hair was spiky and dark orange and piercings ran along both sides of the bridge of his nose. There were two below his lower lip, and several of them on his ears. He stood at 6,3 and his arms were down to his sides as he stood tall with his purple eyes staring straight down at the parents of The Avatar.

"Regardless of your own attempts of struggle. You two will be cleansed, your daughter will then follow the same fate" The God had informed them. His voice was deep and powerful, as though his vocal cords were not of this earth. It sounded like something that could be discerned from a mile away. His presence alone came with a feeling of nausea, his voice only strengthened that. His eye's even had a slight glow to them from the perspective of the Avatar's parents.
"Why!?" The woman protested.
"Why are you doing this?!" She yelled out to him, his face in a mix of rage and sorrow. Rage towards the God, and sorrow for those she had lost.
The purple eyed man had heard this before, born of ignorance they knew nothing and could not see, nor even comprehend the level of understanding that he had. How he pitied them, if only they could see, they would be able to accept this gift that he was going to bestow upon them.
"The Avatar is a symbol, a symbol that has cursed this world for too long" He told them, his voice coming with such a pressure on there souls.
"The Avatar is a mistake, one that has turned the world into a sour, pitiful excuse. Human's cling to a peace that was fed to them. Now it has become a world of thieves, murders and liars. It is overcome by greed, led by lust, hurt by wrath, consumed by gluttony. This is a world that was created by the Avatar. Now it must be cleansed of this filth" He spoke with authority, as though he was commanding the truth.
The woman had a mixed looked of fear and disgust on her face. Her eye's tearing up at the thought.
"W-what? What right do you have to say that!? The Avatars before freed us from pain, all your doing is throwing it back at us!!" She fired back at him, not backing down to the presence or his eye's that both emitted from him.
The God shook his head in response, she was so misguided, her ideals of right and wrong were completely twisted. This only motivated him in continuing his campaign as he listened to how tainted her words were.
"You are all of the same breed, after all… motives for war are of no
concern. Religion, ideology, resources, land, grudges, love, or just
because… No matter how pathetic the reason, it's enough to start a war.
War will never cease to exist… Reasons can be thought up after the fact.
Human nature pursues strife. " He replied.
"No matter what the case, you will always turn to your nature. That is because of The Avatar who has tainted your minds and poisoned your souls...There is only one way for you to be saved" After explaining this to her, he took a step back and rose up his right hand.
A small plume sized ball of fire appeared, floating just an inch away from the God's palm, the fire ball screeched with a wicked high pitch that sounded like the cries of a thousand bats. The ring was from the massive amounts of fire all concentrated into a single, tiny plume of fire. The heat waves that emitted from it was large and thick and made the air ripple around it. The chaos that would take place if such a highly concentrated amount of fire were to be released would be colossal.

Right before it was released, the King shot up from his knee's and smacked the God's hand away. He hand was hit away which caused the flame to be released else where. A beam of fire the size of 4 buses piled on top of each other exploded out towards the roof top of the temple they were all inside. The long shot raced forward and slammed into the rooftop with a deafening crash which caused a massive explosion which caused a massive part of the roof of the temple to blow up in rubble which scattered across the entire Southern Water Tribe. The hole was the size of a football field.

The King took another step forward and tried to throw a closed fist into the Gods face. However as he approached, the man with the purple eye's did not quite step but he almost...Floated to the side slightly and moved his head away, going on the outside of the man. The King stopped in his tracks. Soon after that though, his eye's were wide open as his felt an odd numbness in his stomach, followed by a stinging pain in his back.
This caused his body to freeze, yet his head was slowly able to look down to see what was causing this odd feeling.
The cloaked arm of the God was buried deep within the Water Kings stomach, with the God's open hand sticking out of his back. His hand had no blood on it though, but it was emitting thick heatwaves. The purple eyed man had heated his own hand to such extremes that when he jammed his fingers into the Kings gut, it passed through with such ease it was like a hot knife through butter. The blood even burned off instantly.
The Kings eye's were wide open, the burning within his stomach was so power that his insides were being quickly dissolved.
He only had a moment to turn his head to his wife, who was frozen in horror of what she was witnessing.

"I..." He barely pushed out through his burning throat.
"I love you...And...I'm sorry" His said softly to his wife, his love.
The God who had given the King his ascendance to the new world had a face that was always the same, his same soulless expression which he carried now. He pulled his arm out of the kings body.

Tears began to stream down the Queens face as the King fell to the ground on his face. She placed both her hands on her face, her throat tightened up, her stomach felt like it caved in on itself, her body hurt so much.
Her bright blue eye's which twinkled from moisture quickly to the man who caused this. Her hands on her face curled into fists, the icy ground around her started to crack and break.
"Nooooo!!!" She cried out as she got up on one foot and attempted to use the ice as a weapon against The God.
He quickly rose his open hand towards her at a speed much quicker then her and he shot a massive boulder sized fireball towards her before she could even bend the ice. Her body took the hit directly with a fiery explosion which sent her tumbling forward. Her body rolling forward across the temple until eventually hitting a wall which she crashed into.
She was in such shock from the pain that she couldn't even feel it. She felt as though all her bones were broken and her whole body was burned.
She couldn't see very well, most of everything was white. The only thing that had color, was the purple eyed man that approached her.
She couldn't move no matter how much she tried, she didn't feel like she could even speak. She had lost everything, all that remained was her daughter...

The God walked up closer to what was left of the Queen and stood over her as she drew her final breaths.
Her eye's, still a very vibrant blue despite the damage slowly rose up to meet the one who did all this. His gaze remained strong, yet even with that her eyes stared right back up at him with fire inside. She tried to speak, she attempted to pull out words. Her lips opened but no sound came out. The Harbinger of Peace waited, he would let her have her final words.
Eventually, she was able to bring out something.
"who...are you?" She asked so she could remember the name which she would curse in the afterlife. The one who she would try and warn her daughter about from the other world, the one that she would wait for, so that she could watch him burn in hell.

The God who was asked for his name rose up his left hand and pointed it at her. The plume of fire that showed up before reemerged, it was quieter though, so she could hear him.
"Pain" He informed her before the plume of fire exploded into fire and dealt the finished blow.

Once there was nothing left, Pain had turned around, walking towards the exit of the temple. As he did, both of his arms were extended in the opposite directions. His hands both shot out massive hurricanes of fire that created a trail along the walls. He walked towards the exit. He kept his eyes closed though. He honored there bravery with a moment of silence for them.

Now that her parents were baptized in fire. The Avatar would be next.


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