Safe and Sound...for now

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Safe and Sound...for now

Post by Terra on Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:06 pm

"You're shitting me Terra! That girl you saved is the Avatar?!" Yin stood up in the living room of a hotel room they had all gotten. Now out of their cloaks and masked they wore civilian colored fire nation clothes. "How'd you know it was her?!"

Terra was leaning back in a chair shrugging as her legs were propped up on the table, "Keep it down before you wake her. The poor girl must have gone through hell..besides a prisoner told me. Not only that...there was this young girl followed by two guards. She was a general wasn't she?"

Haku groaned icing his neck while Toma iced her wrists, "Don't get me started, I'm a rookie and I thought I was awesome at what I do. That is compared to nothing with...her. She played Toma and I like mice in a maze. We went exactly where she wanted us to."

Sai raised an eyebrow as he looked at the closed door the sleeping girl was in, "She looks she by chance related to," Terra had cut him off, "She's the Southern Water Tribe's Princess...nothing is making sense though. How can a girl of status have a title higher than that?"

Toma shushed them all as Yin brought in the tea for them to drink, "We need to let her know when she awakens that we are not the enemy. Maybe then she will explain what is going on..."

All of them nodded sitting in silence as they sipped their tea. One of Terra's feet stayed on the ground just in case that sleeping child decided to get out of bed early.
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