The Avatar Rules

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The Avatar Rules

Post by Naraca on Thu Nov 01, 2012 10:22 pm

[size=150]The Avatar[/size]

Yes the Avatar, the one person that can master all the elements and cause either great, ever lasting peace, or terrible and awful destruction. Yes, the Avatar is indeed very much alive, and with the reincarnation factor, always will be in way or another. Here are the rules for the Avatar:

The Avatar will follow all the General rules just like anyone else would.

• The Avatar will start just like anyone one else, and will follow the same character creation rules.
• The Avatar is not registered, they are chosen by staff.
• Since there are now 8 elements to master, the Avatar may be able to master up to all 8 elements.
• As the Avatar, you can only reach up to Stage 5 of bending normally. Avatar State counts as reaching Stage 6
• WC for training bending for the Avatar is reduced by 25%
• Being the Avatar will count as an SA and thus, must have a weakness as well. However, the Avatar won’t have to have bending as an SA.

The Avatar State:

•The Avatar MUST thoroughly roleplay out all of their actions that would lead to them in anyways accessing the Avatar State.
•This state may only be granted when the Avatar is in a situation of extreme danger or in a deep emotional state. This mean Avatar State can’t happen at will, but it can only be forced within an extreme situation.
•The Avatar State may only last for 5 posts before the Avatar will fall unconscious.
•Only after the Avatar State is activated 4 times, when it’s deactivated, the Avatar will not fall unconscious, but merely stay in a state of extreme weakness and can only use Stage 2 bending, or Stage 1 if their mastery has only gone up to Stage 2.
•The Avatar State, grants an increase of 2 Stages to the known elements of the Avatar.
•If the elements are already at Stage 5, they will only go up to Stage 6.
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